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Welcome to Local Cookie Co

"Years ago, my youngest daughter wanted to do a Bake Sale. So, we started to collect old family recipes as well as some new ones that we loved and started baking! We did the Bake Sale for three years, donating all proceeds to charities. After the cookies were gone and people started making requests for side orders, we started to wonder if this could be something we did on a bigger stage. And that's where Local Cookie Company began."

- Chelsy Hunt, co-founder

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What are you craving?

Are you feelin' a good old-fashioned chocolate chip or want to try one of our unique weekly flavors? Order some of our delicious fresh out of the oven cookies below! Check back each week to see what new cookies we are making!

Classic Cookies

$3.25/ Cookie

Milk Chocolate Chip

Served warm, loaded with milk chocolate chips, this is a staple for a reason!

Semi Sweet Chocolate Chip

Served warm, loaded with semi sweet chocolate chips, it's a one of a kind you're going to love!

Chocolate Sandwich

Served chilled, this is our twist on a family favorite! Double chocolate cookies filled with a cream cheese frosting.


Served chilled, this cookie is a classic! Soft thick cookie with a perfect buttercream frosting.

Weekly Cookies

$3.25/ Cookie


Served warm, this vanilla based cookie is stuffed with Nutella and topped off with more Nutella drizzle to make it that much better. This cookie has become one of our Local fan favorites!

Double Chocolate Peanut Butter

Served warm, this chocolate cookie is loaded with peanut butter chips and milk chocolate chips. A perfect combination of peanut butter and chocolate that everybody loves!

Strawberry Cheesecake

Served chilled, this cookie is a one of a kind! A graham cracker cookie topped with a strawberry cream cheese frosting and a slice of fresh strawberry. If you are a cheesecake lover this is one you’ve gotta try.

Cinnamon Coffee Cake Crumble

Served warm, this buttery base cookie is topped with a homemade cinnamon sugar crumble and finished with a sweet powdered sugar glaze over the top


Our cookies are an excellent gift for any occasion,
big or small. Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day, the first day of school, or a corporate party.
Simply select how many cookies you would like and pick the flavors.


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